Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Buffallo

Sorry I have not been here very much lately.  My camera has died.  This post's pictures are courtesy of the mother-in-law, Judy.
This Sunday we went to the prairie preserve in Prairie City, Iowa.  My mother-in-law was visiting us and we decided to take a short road trip.  We were so excited to be able to see the buffalo in the distance.  Last time we went, we did not see a single one.  We went to the visitor's center and then on the way out we decided to go on the auto tour route again.  We are so glad that we did.

We got to see the buffalo up close, the closest I have ever seen one.  They came within about 5 feet of the car.  The whole herd was slowly moving across the road. 

We got to hear the buffalo, see some of the calves, and see the buffalo wallow.

The trip back was not so pleasant and a bit breezy because one of the rear windows would not roll up.  (Nice little $400 dollar repair there. Boooooooo.)

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