Friday, July 15, 2011

Missouri Wildlife

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I went to Missouri.  We had a mini vacation of sorts.  We went to Silver Dollar City in Branson.  I took the kids on the cave tour.  It was Zadok's first time in a cave and he really liked it.  We also did various things around the house, like picnics and hand painting fabrics.
The kids went a couple of days before I went down, because I had a really nasty ear infection.  When they got to the house, this was in the yard:

I do not think peacocks are native to Missouri.  Seems to hanging around the place still.

The kids went to Bryant Creek to swim while staying with the grandparents.  Iris has a weird ability to catch animals.  This time she was catching fish with Cheetos.  She would float the Cheeto in the water, wait for a fish to come nibble and then catch it with a net or a plastic bag.  She caught three fish in a very short amount of time.

She also caught a crawdad.  I have not seen one striped like this before.

She also caught the smallest frog that I have ever seen. 

 No animals were harmed in making this post and all creatures were released back into the wild.


  1. Glad to see that you are posting again... Can't wait to see the kids next week and the forecast is for hot, hot, hot. I think I see lots of water activities in the future. Gma

  2. Such fun! I can't believe how incredibly tiny that frog is!