Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden: Then and Now

What a difference a month and a half makes in a garden.  We had a late spring this year and many things did not get in the ground till mid -May to early June.  It will be July 4th tomorrow and there is not even sweet corn yet!  I took pictures in mid May and went out and took some pictures today.  It is amazing how fast things change.
Then: The first two pictures are the front of the house.  I do not like the bushes in front of the house most of the year, but they are pretty in the spring.  The flowers in the pots are loving the weather that we have been having.
 Now: The bushes are out of control!  Trimming is on the agenda for next week.  I love the color that I painted the wicker.  It gives a nice pop of color to the front of the house.  The flowers in the pots have gone nuts!
 Then:  The peony was the prettiest it has ever been this year.  The Irises are doing well also.  The side garden after planing a few annuals among the perennials.  I am trying dahlias this year.
 Now: The side garden.

 Then: The veggie garden right after planting.
 Now:  Everything is doing okay.  It seems like the tomatoes are just hanging out and are a bit small.  I tried broccoli this year, but it did not do anything except get big and then flower. 
 We should have tomatoes soon.
We have picked lettuce, peas, and peppers so far.
I have put two new flower beds in the yard this year.  I hope to dig at least one more plot this fall.  The first one was where we put the tulips by the street.  I put some blue salvia, zinnias, and marigolds in this bed. 

I put a new perennial and rose bed on the east side of the garage.  Perennials look so sad the first year they are planted if you leave the space recommended between them. I filled in the spaces with annuals.  I just finished this bed last week.
I am excited to see what the garden looks like in another month!  On another note, today is a special day!  We have a 15 year old girl in the house today.  I made a giant chocolate trifle and we are having steaks for dinner.  Her choice!  I love this wrapping paper!

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