Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I don't know if there is a psychological condition that manifests itself in chronic unfinished projects.  If there is, I have it.  I have an unfinished dissertation, unfinished house remodel, unfinished quilts, unfinished everything.  I admit that my favorite part of anything is the planning and the design.  Actually doing the work to see completion, not so much the favorite.  Anywho...I wanted to post some unfinished projects, hoping that this will spur me to a great personality change and lead me down the road to finishing.  Probably not.

Our unfinished office:

Don't you love the pink flowers?  I have paint colors chosen, light fixtures and fabrics bought, extra desk procured, etc.  Just have to do it now. 

These are some of the quilt blocks that I have made:
 Stars made from charm packs.
 This is supposed to be a quilt for Zadok. I have to add sashing.
 These are fun string blocks.
 I have to figure out how to incorporate these fabrics and blocks together.
 Star experiments
Lots of green....

I also have quite a few quilt tops done, I just have to quilt them or have them quilted.
 These I set on point,  I actually really like the way this one turned out.
 Arkansas Crossroads.
 A purple quilt for Iris
 A fallish type quilt that the cat likes
 A simple Irish Chain
 Film Strip?  I liked the fabrics.
 A kaleidoscope quilt.  I might make another one of these someday.
 One of my own designs
 Underground Railroad.  I call it my Pond Quilt.
 I call this Garden Windows, also my own design.  I messed up the squaring up of the blocks and the seams do not match.
A rainbow quilt, also a favorite of the cats.

There are some quilts that I am putting a little more thought and time into and these are the ones that I am most likely to finish soon.
 This is my clamshell/log cabin quilt.  I need to finish sewing the rows together.  I WILL have this one done by the Tulip Time quilt show.  Each of the strips for the log cabin finishes at either 1inch or a 1/2 inch. 
 These are kaleidoscope blocks all made from one fabric. I am not real thrilled how this one is working out.
 This is my neptune quilt:  I love this one also.  I made three types of blocks for this one:
 The field is a type of star.
I did paper piecing for the corner blocks.  
I did a series of greekish type blocks for the outer border.The issue with this quilt is figuring out the measurements for the sashing and such to make it all go together.

Everything would go much quicker if I could just teach the cats to quilt.

They love to lay down on whatever I am working on.

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  1. Wow, Aleta! It might not all be finished, but you've certainly created A LOT of fun things!