Saturday, September 3, 2011

End of Summer Happenings

Wow!  We have been busy.  All within the last month we took a mini vacation with just me and the kids to Missouri, kids have started school again, and in general been very busy.  We went to Silver Dollar City.  We were brave and tried riding powder keg again.  Last summer when we were at SDC we rode it and a sensor tripped and the ride stopped at the top of the highest hill.  We had to climb out of the ride and walk down the side of the track.  I was proud of the kids because they did not panic.  It did give us a great story though.  This is the first time back on it and as you can see Iris is a bit apprehensive.  We ended up riding 3 times.  Kids loved the roller coasters this time around.
 We also went to Bass Pro and Lamberts with grandma.  I should not even buy a meal for Zadok, he eats only the rolls and we bring the rest of his meal home with us.
 On the way back to Iowa we go through the Osage Beach/Camdenton area.  We stopped and went through Bridal Cave.  The kids went through the cave at SDC earlier this spring and it really made an impression on Zadok.

 We also stopped at Ha Ha Tonka. Zadok thinks we should live in a castle like this. 
Living in Iowa, I miss having lots of interesting things within a 2 hour drive.  Anyway....

Kids started school two weeks ago, but it has been difficult to get into a routine.  We still have days that are beastly hot and most schools around here do not have air conditioning.  The first week of school they got out early two days and again two days this week.  I do not blame them.  By ten in the morning some of the classrooms are close to 100 degrees.  Z's school does not have air conditioning and I can tell that when I pick him up he is exhausted.  I did not get very good "1st day of school" pics.  Iris rode her bike with a friend and Z and I walked to his school.  Here is Iris looking pretty in her new clothes.
 She had a flat tire, so she watched while her friend pumped it up.
 Here is Zadok all slicked down and clean.
You would think that with kids back in school I would have more time for cleaning and such, but no.  I have been home for about two seconds in the last two weeks.  I am hoping to have more time in about two more weeks.  I help with AWANA at church and we are getting ready for kickoff, so that is where most of my time is spent these days.  I am ready to get into a routine and for the weather to be a bit more fall like, except that means winter is around the corner and I am not ready for that!

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