Saturday, September 3, 2011

Random Life

It has been hot here.  The cats have been feeling it and are hogging the cool air.  This is a position I find Mr. Nibbles in quite often.
I went and got a henna tattoo with some friends on Friday.  A gal around here does it for a free will donation to Voice of the Martyrs.
I have been forcing my children to play Settlers of Catan.  I like playing games, but I have a bit of an addiction issue to video games, so I tend to leave them alone.  I suspect that I will have to start paying them to play Settlers with me in the future.  Here is a board that Iris won.  We know that it was not following the rules precisely, but she liked the way that she dominated the board.  She is the white pieces.
My garden is producing alot of tomatoes and green beans.  I know what we will be having for supper.  This is today's and yesterday's yield.  I have been playing the part of the "tomato fairy" frequently for my friends.
I am glad that I planted a cutting garden this year.  It is nice to have some fresh flowers around the house.  I often but some basil in the arrangements and that makes them smell very nice.
I have a better idea of what to do with the garden next year.  Number one on the list is plant less tomatoes.  I am also going to try to have a better variety of vegetables.   I suppose I need to write these things down before next spring comes and I go buying 10+ tomato plants again!

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  1. Love the fresh flowers! (The green beans were delish also.) And....I will play Settlers with you and you don't even have to pay me! MOM