Monday, January 9, 2012

Finished! Basement Sewing Room Redo

Last year when I worked on the bead room I started on the sewing room.  I never really finished.  Over Christmas break Nathan helped me move some furniture that was not working in there, and hung some shelves.  I cleaned and sorted and now it is finished!!!  It was inspired by my Christmas present from Nathan.  So far I love this iron! just the fact that it can sit for more than 5 minutes without having to wait for it to reheat is soooo handy.  I have not had any trouble adjusting to not tipping it on end when I am finished. Another project for another day is a new ironing surface...
My sewing table has not changed that much.  I found the table at What Cheer Flea Market and it is very solid.  I do not get any shaking, even when I am sewing at full speed.  I did order an acrylic table and it works well.  I can do much more with quilting without having to fight the quilt the whole time.  Above my sewing area I have put index card with pictures of my WIPs and what I have left to do on them.  I think it is working.  I have finished most of the projects I posted.
In another part of the room, I had a large cabinet/counter.  It was the original cabinet that was in this room when we moved into the house.  It was too tall for me to use effectively and It collected junk.  There was another piece of cabinetry in the laundry room that was lower and I thought it would work better.  After examining it I believe that it is original to the house.  It was a free standing dry sink that someone put a piece of modern counter top on.  The back is traditional bead board and I can see where the hardware was attached.  It was HEAVY.  I put it in the room and it works much better.  It is now my cutting station.  I hung a pendant over it for some light and now have my scraps organized.  Under the counter I have all my batting and other large bulky items.
Scraps are so pretty
I also took my fabric out of bins.  Nathan hung these shelves and I think I will like having all my fabric out for me to see.  I am not worried about fading.  It is a basement after all and does not get very much sun.
Under my fabric I have all the WIPs that I plan on tackling this year as part of our guild challenge.
I still have the couch down in this room, because this room has to be able to function as a guest room when needed.  I am hanging some of my smaller projects on the wall above it.
This room is such a wonky shape.  There is a bump out for the bay window in the dining room.  I put an old dresser from mom and dad that I painted white in the bump out.  I put some organizational cubbies on top.  In the dresser I store part of the sewing machines and other supplies.
The pink Chandy might have to be moved.  In the cubbies I put my fabric groups that I want to keep separate from the general stash.  My favorite fabric right now is Etchings from moda.
All this sorting and cleaning I hope will make my time more productive.  It is nice to have a space of my own that I can do all this with.  I am making progress on finishing things that I have started.  "Finishing" is my theme of 2012.  Here is a quilt that I have finished lately.  It got quilted with pretty leaves and swirls. 
I do not have a "home" for it yet, but it is finished!

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  1. Looks great! I love what you did with the old dresser too.