Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love my House: My Bedroom

I have been looking back at alot of posts and facebook albums and realized that while I have many "before" pictures of our house, I have very few "after" pictures.  I am going to take it room by room and talk about features that I love about our house, maybe a few features I do not love.  Most of these pictures are not going to be staged, just pictures of things when they are relatively clean and how they look everyday.
Some general features of the house that are very nice are: it's age, I love the character and feel of a well built older home; lighted walk in closets, for a house built in 1914 this house has sufficient storage space; the wood work and plaster, just beautiful; and lack of remodeling, this house has not seen a major remodel so we do not have to undo alot of things.
I took some pictures of things I like in our bedroom this morning.  The room is green with tan accents.  Green is my favorite color and I think that my bedroom will always be based in a green palate.  The only thing that I do not care for is the blue carpeting.  The homeowners before us replaced all the carpet upstairs to a plain tan, except this bedroom and they left the blue carpet.  We have not had the budget or time to fix this yet.  The room was painted blue when we moved in and had accents of red and white.
The "theme" of this room is branches.  It started out with the headboard that I had custom made by a gentleman in southern Illinois that came and sold at the Carbondale farmer's market.
People that see it either hate it or love it.  It is pretty tall and we have our bed on risers to compensate.  In the next picture the color scheme of the room is visible, also the picture rail is visible.  These are the kind of details that made me fall in love with the house.
The side tables are just some I picked up in a big box store and I am looking for more of a dresser type side table.  The lamps I like.  They give some sparkle to the room.
The bedding is a duvet cover from pottery barn.  I am not super impressed with the quality.  It is a looser weave and seems to rip easily.  The cats have already made several slashes in the top.  The reason that I bought it was its color.  I did not develop the color scheme from this fabric, but it fits in perfectly.
It even has the blue from the carpet!
We chose this room in the house because of one aspect.  It has a balcony! 
We did not want kids in this room, so we made it our own.  It is the smallest bedroom in the house, but that is okay.
The room has several flea market/antique store finds.  First is my favorite...the hands....
These are porcelain glove forms that I keep on my dresser to store my necklaces.  These are placed on top of an antique high boy that my mom gave me.  I also have a chair that was originally hot pink.  I got this at What Cheer.  I painted it with the leftover paint from above the picture rail.  There is an antique needlepoint pillow on the chair that I picked up in Macon, Mo.  I also have an antique side table next to the chair that came with my family over from Holland.  It was extremely messy, so I do not have a picture of that!
I found the chandelier in a store locally. It was green and white and the former owner had ripped off the flowers, so the value was greatly diminished.  I only paid $15 for it.  I painted it a dark bronze.  It fits in perfectly with the "branches theme"
I made the artwork that hangs above the side tables.  I printed antique images of birds on a vintage page from a book.  I then framed that in an over sized mat board.
I hoped you enjoyed this brief tour of some of my favorite things in my bedroom!


  1. You did a great job. Love the bed! You have lots of cool ideas and I like how you use antiques. I love antiques and think they make a home cozy and different from everyone elses.

  2. Your bed is fabulous! I have a log one, but I've never seen one made with branches like that... great idea!