Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two weeks

I have met my goal of taking pictures of the garden every week, but I did not get anything posted last week.  The side garden and shade garden look the same.

I like when I get garden visitors

It is always amazing how fast plants grow in a week.  the 1st picture is last week and then 2nd picture is this week.

I am ready for tomatoes!

I think that the kale is such a pretty color.

We will soon be having beans!

In the flower garden the daisies are blooming, but they are floppy.  I will have to do some researcher into why this is.

My favorite flowers are starting to bloom.  I love snapdragons.  Most of these are self sowed from last year.

I also love phlox!

The pot up front is doing well.

 The peach roses are still beautiful.

The thread leaf coreopsis are not doing as well this year.

Currently the orange day lilies are going nuts.

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