Thursday, June 2, 2016

Roses and Birds

 This last weekend we had family come to visit.  One of the things that my mother in law loves to do, is go walking by the lake and bird watch.  It was a beautiful day for a walk.

 We found things other than birds.  It must have been millipede season. We saw lots of them on the trail.

We did see lots of birds.  A Heron.

Lots of Orioles.

 An inquisitive Blue Jay.

We saw and heard lots of other birds also, but it is hard to get pictures of most.
On the gardening front... There is not much change in the side garden.  The Irises and Peonies are almost done.

The part shade garden did not do much this week.

 In the main flower garden the roses are going nuts.

There are also some other flowers that are doing well this week.

It is nice to see bees.

The veggie garden is filling in nicely.  I need to work on it this week.

Other things in pots are doing well.  Creeping Jenny.

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