Friday, August 13, 2010

Basement Craft Redo 2

It has been a busy couple of days. I turned this...

into this (I like metallic spray paint)

We hosted small group and I made fresh peach crisp.

I think it went over well.

I also worked on decorating the craft room with some things that I had lying about the house. This was a rug that I got a Target about 5 years ago. The Z man at some point spilled about a quart of cherry koolaide on it. Cherry flavor, does not come out. I put that corner under the chair.

This is a chair that I had and was going to put in my bedroom, but it was not right for that space. It is not my favorite, but right now I have it and it is free.

This is a clock that I bought for the living room, but it is really heavy and I did not trust it on the plaster walls. Also I showed it to my hubby and he immediately noticed that it was a S & M clock. Soooo.... No living room clock. But what I do in my own craft room is my own business. (I am not that good with a soldering iron yet :)

Notice the lamp. I got that at What Cheer last weekend. The unique thing about it is that the shade is brass. It also has about the right amount of green patina.

Here is another shot of the buffet. I am not sure how all this will be arranged finally, but at least I got some stuff in here.

Most of the room still looks alot like this. Discordant piles of????? I see sorting (and some purging) in my future.

I have decided that this room is a little small to include all my quilting stuff, so I am going to use the other half finished basement room. Right now it looks like this...

This is tomorrow's project.... or maybe this will take a week or two.

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  1. Time to lose those green walls too! I hope you budgeted for more sheets...

    Love that storage dresser ~ it turned out great!