Monday, August 9, 2010

What Cheer!!! What Fun!!!!!

This weekend the parents and I took a trip to the What Cheer Flea Market in What Cheer, Iowa. It is wonderful, or at least we think it is wonderful. It was also hot, sticky, and muddy. Anyway, as you know I am redoing my craft room or actually, doing my craft room, as it was never really done in the first place. I just wanted to show you some pics of the junk I acquired over the weekend. Currently most things are piled in the garage or on the dinning room table. Most of these will be the "before" pics as most pieces will be painted or altered in some way.

This is a cabinet/shelving unit that will go into the room for storage. Basically it only needs another coat of white paint. A so/so bargin at $40. I got it because it is really solid. I could put lots of books on here and the shelves will not sag.

A table that is exactly the way that I want it. It is a pretty blue with some distressing. (I apologize for the use of the flash) I think that this is a bargain at $12, mainly because I do not have to do anything to it to use it.

Another table that requires only a little dusting. This is a solid table that I think I will put my sewing machine on. A definite bargain at $20.

This will be the chandelier over my work table. It requires another coat of white paint, some simple wiring to turn it into a hanging lamp, and beads (lots and lots of beads!!!) The existing wiring is fairly new and will not need to be replaced. A good bargain at $8.

This is a teacup and saucer set that I got ?free? I had $10 of glassware and then had this which was $2 and got everything for $10. Sooooo flea market math...(divide 10 by 12.... carry the six.....divide by infinity... equals $free$) The reason that this called to me is that I collect tea cups and this is actually a very delicate piece and is exactly the colors that I am using in the craft room.

I bought this wicker to go out on the front porch. I got both pieces, a love seat and a rocker, for $75. (Thanks mom and dad for the birthday money)

Now this buffet did not come from the flea market, but came from our local thrift store (also one of my favorite places). This piece will give me TONS of storage. It is over 6 feet long and has drawers even behind the doors. It is a solid, well built piece with metal glides and dove-tailed joints. But it is UGLY. It has a fake yellowy wood finish. But the details are nice and I think will look very nice painted. It is also off the ground, which I think is important for air circulation in the basement. I think this is a great amount of storage for only $35. That's right folks, over six feet of drawer and display space for only $35!!!

This next picture is something we saw and thought was very cool. They are spheres of barbed-wire. We are trying to think how they got the shape. You could not really use a balloon like paper-mache, could you?

Well, time to go and finish a few of these pieces. There are pics are progress pictures to come!!!


  1. Ah, it was fun, wasn't it?!

    You got prettier bargains than I did, but I've got most of mine put away or already working for me.

    Next time, I hope the bird feeder guy is back so that I can replace the one that broke.

  2. Great, great bargains! I love everything you picked up! Fun, fun! I hope to make it to What Cheer one of these days. :)

    Those wire balls... crazy... I have seen them at the state fair... there is a barbed wire artist there... maybe I will ask this year. :)