Friday, August 20, 2010

Chandelier Project

Well I think I am almost done with my chandelier. 
I bought this at the What Cheer Flea Market
a couple of weeks ago

I ordered several colors and sizes of cats eye beads. 
I decided not to use the pink ones, they just did not seem to go
well with the blue and green.

 My handy electrical engineer hubby rewired the cord 
with a plug, so I could use it as a swag lamp. 

 I used my handy-dandy screw punch and poked little holes where I wanted dangles.  
(I highly suggest one of these tools if you work with metal at all.  
It cuts through metal like butter.) 


 I made some dangles from the cat's eye tear drops 
and some links I had in my bead stash.  I then threaded
head pins through the holes I made with the 
screw punch and made wrapped loops.  


I then attached the dangles to these loops.


 I made all the beads into links and made strings of graduated sizes of beads.

I attached the chain of beads to the links that I used in the dangles.  
I added the center crystal and now I have a fun chandelier.  
I apologize for the quality of the pics.  The basement is dark.  
This is why I need a chandelier!!!

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