Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What do I do all day?

What have I been up to?

1. Made a bunch of earrings for a local store

(These are some of my favorites)

2. Worked on the dissertation

3. Chased cats off of quilt blocks

4. Finished a quilted gift for a friend who just had a baby

5. Made a yummy looking fruit platter for dinner one evening

6. Ate a lot of fresh picked sweet corn (this is Iowa of course). I think that this green is such a pretty color

7. Tortured the children by making them do their chore list

8. And worked on the basement craft room.
I am trying to make the walls of the basement less "yucky" by covering them with fabric. I am putting hooks into the ceiling and then eye bolts in the end of dowel.

I am then taking sheets and making them into curtain panels (cheapest source of fabric). I am then hanging them so they cover the walls.

I think that this will work well. I can move them aside when I want to vacuum the walls and if they get dirty I can throw them in the wash. My hubby says that being in the room will be like being inside a ghost. Well at least it will not be dark green any more. I also made some simple curtains for the windows, but they may be too simple. Have to think about those some more.

The room is awfully white. This is totally unlike me, but we will see if I can live with it.
Well off to do more things. I have more jewellery to finish, more dissertation to write, more house to clean, and more groceries to get.

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  1. Hey you... I love the earrings on this post (I just got an ADORABLE pair this past week as well:) and that you have a blog! It sounds like you have been one busy mama!