Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mr Nibbles

Well, I think we have a name for the kitten, other than "the kitten". My mother suggested Nibbles. It has become Mr. Nibbles. I thought Nibbler but the hubby thought that was too direct a reference to Futurama.

Mother suggested this name after hearing the story about the not so little girl, close to tears, bringing the gerbil down stairs with blood on its tail. "Something is wrong with my gerbil!!" I look at the gerbil and she looks back at me and looks fine (other than about 1/2 inch of tail gone). I continue to check on the gerbil for the rest of the day and it seems to be feeling fine. The hubby comes home and I tell him about the gerbil and he immediately blames the kitten. Light Bulb Moment. The kitten is always VERY interested in the gerbil. It is a vicious kitten. It would eat that gerbil without a smidgen of guilt. It is not that much of a stretch to think that it would take a taste. SO now the name. Mr. Nibbles. Hubby thinks that it will be an appropriate name for the kitten now when it is still cute and also when the cat will become a 30 lbs obeast and not be able to even jump on the couch.

Now to join the hubby and his search for bad sci-fi movies. I hear "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" not calling my name. Think I'll just go to bed, or do dishes, or clean out the toilets, or something else that would be more fun and exciting than watching that movie.

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